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IT Services for Small & Medium Companies

Nearly every business process today has been computerized in some capacity. Every company needs effective IT solutions to have a competitive edge on the market. Optimizing business IT environments can take time, effort, and many levels of professional expertise. This is where some small and medium sized companies suffer the most. Unlike big corporations, they don’t have the resources to hire in-house IT specialists for managing all aspects of their computer systems full-time.

Merlin Services is a solution.  We provide the IT consulting expertise that might otherwise be unavailable to smaller businesses. We help to assess your immediate needs, formulate a plan that meets your budget requirements, and work to smoothly transform your IT infrastructure into a business asset.  With over 20 years working with local businesses in the Cleveland area, we have assisted a large number of organizations in the transformation of their business networks.

Our team has decades of combined experience working with small to medium sized companies and finding solutions that work for each one regardless of their respective industries.   

We will work with you to: 

  • Identify your companies specific needs and requirements now and for future growth potential. We look at the way your business and it's employee's use the internal network, Internet, equipment and software applications. We then design a path forward that makes sense for your business and IT budget.

  • Implement initial hardware, software and services, and set up individual users, security and permissions.

  • Become acquainted with the users at your organization and ensure that they are comfortable reaching out to any member of our team with even the smallest problem or technical question.

  • Provide ongoing maintenance and support for your companies day to day operations. 

  • Recommend economical solutions for future upgrades and new purchases and plan annual budgets for reoccurring costs such as licenses and warranty renewals.

  • Provide emergency support in the event of a unexpected outage 24/7.

  • Design and document data backups and disaster recovery scenarios.

  • Never obligate you to sign a service agreement.

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