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We will work to identify a companies specific IT needs and requirements now and for future growth potential. We look analyse the way your business and it's employee's use the network, internet, computer equipment and software applications. We then work with you on technical solutions that fits your business needs and IT budget.


Customer relationships are just as important to us as the IT services we provide.  We want our customers to be completely comfortable and satisfied with doing business with us.  We strive to become acquainted with all network users within an organization who we may interact with.  We are there for you and your employee's to reach out to us with even the smallest problem or technical question.


Network Security cannot be emphasized enough for any company doing business today.  Even minimum exposure to the internet can open a myriad of risks to a businesses internal data and intellectual property.  We will analyse your companies business practices and recommend solutions based on necessity and budget constraints.


Preparing for the unexpected.  We work with our customers to make sure their networks are up to date, protected and backed up with regular maintenance schedules.  Having a business with proper security policies, procedures and disaster recover solutions in place is key to avoiding future problems.  We can assist your company in all these areas and provide documentation on how to handle these scenarios even if we aren't the ones getting your network back online.  It's your business and we believe our customers should always be the one's in control.  


NO CONTRACTS!  Most managed service providers strive to have you sign a contract obligating you to pay them for their services for a specific period of time, regardless of your company's needs.  We do things differently.  We rely on our performance and dedication to our profession to keep our customer base satisfied.  You will never be asked to sign anything binding you to our services.  Our customers are in control of their networks and IT Infrastructure.  We simply have the privilege of co-managing and working with them.      

Why Choose Merlin Services?

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